Artist Statement


A playfully critical approach to life styles shaped under the domain of mass media and consumption constitutes the method of my artistic practice. My work takes its source from the social milieu I live in and reflects my experience through the reconfiguration of mass culture’s visual language. Generally, my works are comprised of pieces that are already existing dispersedly in circulation, gathered under different common denominators.

The challenge for me is to form a collection of particulars into such an image that works as a visual diagram on consumption habits, hard to see / easy to miss situations, blind spots regarding to material culture. It is an effort of analyzing what is experienced now in both senses, as ‘the era we live in’ and as ‘the instant we digest’. This attempt, invites to a consideration of insignificant details of life from different respects and points out the existence of propositions, which have great importance in the formation of life styles.

Objects and images I necessarily mingle with in everyday life, become the material of works on account of their meanings and positions in the common ground. Constructed on an analytical structure in close relation with the emotional/the sensorial, works transform into ironic and satirical statements. What lays behind this approach is the idea that while carrying the anxiety of the dark days ahead, staying critically responsive to the presence of the present in a joyful manner isa fairly good stand to take.