FOREVER BLIND | Press Release:

art ON Istanbul hosts Ilgın Seymen’s solo exhibition “FOREVER BLIND”. In the works that will be presented for the first time, Seymen makes use of consumption materials that are an inevitable part of the everyday life. Using a colourful and black humour-oriented language, the artist closely examines the shopping oriented lifestyle of today’s people.

In her exhibition “Forever Blind”, Ilgın Seymen whose works were presented in various international exhibitions in San Francisco, New York, Berlin and Seul, builds up a relationship in between sculptures, paper works, collages and installation techniques in a quest of different forms. Thus, with an interdisciplinary approach, she opens the doors of several experimentalities to viewers. The artist, benefiting from the messages commonly used in the advertising language, adapts a critical approach towards the characteristics of consumption frenzy, which stimulate the hedonist feelings. At an age in which happiness is defined with further consumption and further luxury, the artist, employing two different metaphors, has developed an exhibition style that houses both sociological and psychological expansions. The first of these metaphors is “the pink world” and lying behind the former is “the real world”. At this point “Forever Blind”, the title of the exhibition, is the product of a critical approach formed by the relationship between these two different notions.

Furthermore, the title of the exhibition also makes a sarcastic reference to the system in which the self-deceptive cosmetic and beautifying products render blindness with the instant happiness they supply. As a part of this system, Seymen underlines how our belongings lead us to addiction. Through its use of imagery, “Forever Blind” makes viewers comprehend the dangers in the unwittingly gained chain of habits.

Photographs by CHROMA